Busy for Living Tapestry.

Ever since I started to work in a retail shop, I hardly blogged, I guess I am kind of tired after whole day serving customers and all the long walk to the LRT station. Besides that the brain is kind of occupied with Living Tapestry stuff, how to improve sales and do something different out of the norm, been cracking my head to think out of the box.
Since last Tuesday was my off day, I quickly send out all the cushions, for the Living Tapestry contest and an online order as well, bill two birds with one stone. Initially I wanted to post them through Pos Laju but then when I heard the price they quote me, I almost fainted and finally decided to go back to normal post office to get it done. Surprisingly it was a quick one, it manage to delivered less then a week, within 3 to 4 days time.
Thanks to Anny's "Weaving Life To Your Home", we in Living Tapestry don't have to crack out heads for a nice slogan for Living Tapestry. I totally like what she did on the post called 'Package 1819' and of course you can read it on her blog.

Blog Widget by LinkWithinOf course not to mention our first online customer who is very satisfied with our cushions as well and posted his comments in Living Tapestry Fan page with his comment "Latest purchase from Living Tapestry! The pillow really helps beautify the entire place and the build quality is superior, definitely worth your cash if you wish to have a unique and different atmosphere. A simple photo taken today when my pillow arrived!".
Do stay tune with Living Tapestry for this coming Christmas. It is going to be the "JOY To Give". What is Living Tapestry giving? Just stay tune and everyone can be apart of it for this coming Christmas "Joy To Give".



Marvic said...

ken, u must be very busy with ur pillows...glad to hear that..u make me believe that hard work pays...hehehe..i better catch up... :)

Ken said...

hahha..this is my baby...i must make sure it grows...take everything you do as your child..that needs attention...

we shall gambateh together!

austin said...

haha ur soooo right ken~! gonna have some children of my own too!

Ken said...

good...all the best ;)

Anny said...

WOW! i am a star here.. *woof wooooof* TQ TQ TQ Uncle Ken for featuring me here. Anny says that she'll post some more pictures soon... the cushions were cam-whoring a whole afternoon when the arrived. Stayed tuned for more pictures.


Ken said...

LOL...ok ok will definitely drop by for more cam-whoring photos...

BTW dommy u're most welcome ;)

-Lek Wei- said...

Woo.. what a nice video and nice pics.

Btw, Congrats to Anny for won the pillows.

Ken said...

how come your 'Woo' sound so reluctant? LOL anyway thanks...

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