Zee Avi again

Finally Zee Avi self-titled full flesh album is out, if you like Joanna Wang you would probably like Zee Avi too. Not that I want to compare both who is better, but the it is quite similar. And both are very talented young singer songwriter.
Listening to Zee Avi really brings me back to my olden time and the image slowly building up in my head, hard PVC leather seat with spring and coconut husk inside, ceiling fan spinning in motion, peaceful surroundings, free from worries of the world. Really miss those days, back in my hometown. Now it is only work, work, work, to have a better life just like when we were young with no worries and carefree.

Here is a list of songs from her self-titled album Zee Avi.
Better Heart
Honey Bee
Just You And Me
Is This The End
I Am Me Once More
First Of The Gang
The Story
Let Me In
What to know about her, what more better way then to listen to her side of the story.



yoon see said...

Hello Ken!
Happy New Year and may your business prosperous!
Good health, good wealth, good money, good job...everything's great!

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