Balancing Act; Mission Impossible

Just the topic alone I think it's hard to explain and express! People talk about their griefness and sadness but how come people tense to forget about the happy moments they have? Happy moment seems to be gone with a blink of an eye, and sadness seems like a lifetime. It's just funny how one can advice people to be happy and not grief, yet ourselves can't release ourselves from such situation when we're struck with it?

Time and again, some article about happy people do really live a longer life then those who grief. I guess in this world everything is balance. Life’s given, life’s taken. But what's the ratio over it? Nobody knows, only God knows!!!! So I guess one should learn to love ourselves more and be happy and content with what they have. I do have friends who complain about their life, job and many other things. Which they don't see, how can the whole world be wrong and you alone are right? Does is make sense? No, is the answer. It's really up to you, and I guess it's time to question yourself, where the problem lies? Learn to be positive about life!!! Yeah! Who doesn’t know that, talk is cheap!!! In fact it's what are we doing to make it happen? But if everyone is happy without sadness there won't be happiness as well. Because there is nothing to compare with. In this world everything is needs to be compared, if not you would know what's good and what's bad, yin & yang but whether it's balance or not, and again nobody knows, only God knows.

I guess after this I myself should be more positive about life which I don't think I can do it. Not that I grief about my life but neither I'm happy about it too. So where do I stand? Tough question. There is always season to everything in life. It's just a matter of how fast the season change and go. People come and go out of our lives, whether these people leave some good memories or bad nobody knows? Just a moment ago, I hear friends laughing and I'm here crying all alone, is that what's all the balance it's about? There are just too many things that run through my mind and it's so hard for me to grab on to one single thing that I wish to solve. It seems impossible, just as slipped away into the distance darkness to be resurfaced again with all the other problems when we're vulnerable.

So how are we going to make sure we're balancing ourselves from all these grief and happiness?What preventions measure to keep us balance?



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