Mysteries & Secrets

Mystery? Secrets? Who knows? Everyone have their secrets, everyone have something no one knows about. Dark secret? Only you and God knows what are those. It all depends on how you would like to reveal them to your friends. Everyone wear mask at sometimes of their lives to disguite some truth which they wouldn't want to reveal. But how good are you in hiding all the truth that no one knows....And how good other see through our disguise? No one knows how vulnerable we are to other? Some people are really good some people are just not for it.

I guess some people are just too good in notice any slight changes in our behaviour. But do we avoid these people who know the truth or keep denying the truth from others for the rest of the life. I guess burden like that are just too hard to carry around. Do we find new friends to avoid people are too close to knowing the truth or just like the movies kill the person who knows the truth to hide the dark secret. How well can you keep a secret? Or how well can your friends keep the secret for you? No matter how, in 1 stage of life your friends will betray you for something that they want. But whether the betrayal it's worth it or not nobody knows. How long are you going to keep your dark secrets and how long is your friend's dark secret or how long do you think your friends is going keep your dark secret.

Why do everyone have some dark secret in them. I can rest assure that everyone do have their dark secrets. It's a matter how much they would like to reveal their secrets to people and conceal the rest in some bottomless pit where no one can reach them. But are we happy with all the lives we live in? Leaving a life which you created that you "think" it's happy and content? But in actual truth it's all lies that we're living one after another. To conceal all the mysteries and secrets and buried together with us down the grave!!! And do you think that's the end of your dark secrets? I guess not!!! Some point in life it's revealed and it's going to travel. There's a chinese saying "Good news doesn't leave home, but bad news travel thousand and thousand of miles away". Agree?



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