Bowl of Salad

At time I wish life is as simple as a bowl of salad you see every time. But as you know salad, has a lot of different type? Fruit salad, pasta salad, garden salad and etc all has their own characteristic. I guess in order to make a good bowl of salad it’s never an easy job. Everything needs to compliments each other. If not, I guess it’s going to be something out of the world. To make a good salad I guess the dressing it’s very important to compliments the whole lot more other ingredients as well. It’s just like our life, some dressing to spice up our life and some whole lot more friends and a little foe to compliments it, to have the perfect balance of life.

Whenever I’m making a bowl of salad it does brings back a lot of memories, some sweet, some not so sweet as well. But in each process of making the salad, I’m enjoying it. Keep on thinking how to improve it or what else to add in order to look good and taste great as well. I guess that goes the same for my life as well. Never stop thinking of how to improve it and spice it up with some laughter, everything sweet and nice, just like the recipe to make power puff girls. But of course without the super powers that they have.

Since we’re the one who’s picking the right ingredient to make the best salad we could. That should be the same for our lives as well, choose the right way to live our life, choose the right company, and choose the right path. The choice is in our hands, nobody can make the decision for you on how you should live your life but only opinions to help to ease the troubled mind.

All the best in making the best bowl of salad you could!



Verna said...

i like the way u compare making salad to making friends...dun forget we eat different types of salad in different seasons, in different moods and in different places...just like friends, we know them in different places, in different situations and they stay in our hearts for different reasons... ;)

Ken said...

yeah of course. i totally agree with you. all of us maybe apart but friendship stays in our hearts. and you finally read my blog. lol...welcome

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