"I Wish My Parents Were Animals"

This is one of the most interesting slogans I came across so far. I’m pretty sure you must be thinking “What kind of a slogan is this?” It’s a child abuse campaign slogan. It’s actually very direct and effective way to tell the world from a child’s innocence point of view.

Think of the animal kingdom. Lioness and the cubs, lioness work together to protect of each others cubs. Elephant always protect their young ones from being attack by others. Even crocodiles take care of their young ones, by carrying them into the river with their mouth. No matter how savage the animals could be yet they still take cares of their young ones. This is actually basic instinct of every animal species, to take care of their young ones. But what happen to the human species? The most intellectual of them all! What happen to their basic instinct to take care and protect their young ones? Whenever I see news regarding child being abuse, it just makes me wonder what has the world comes to? It just makes me feel that we, human beings are more savage than the animals we see on national geographic. I don’t see tigers eating their own cubs. I don’t see chimpanzees hitting their babies till they bleed, which is closest to our human species.

How could someone actually put a cigarette butt to a child’s skin? How could someone hit a child till their brain damage? How could someone kick a child till they bleed internally? No matter how annoying a child could be, they don’t deserve it. If you think this is annoying? Why would you want a child in the first place? How a child grows it actually how the parents teach them? If you teach your child the right way, how annoying could a child be unless you, yourself brought the child up in the wrong manner. I strongly believe, no matter how bad a child acts, they don’t deserve to be torture to the stage where it almost cost their lives.

Please be more human
Than the animals from the savage land.
Before your child thinks
That the animals are the better clan.



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