One of the major characters for a Piscean would be dreaming. Piscean love do dream, which I don’t doubt it as I’m one of them. It’s always good to have dreams that would actually keep you on the ground in reaching your dreams. You wanted a dream wife that hotter than Angelina Jolie, a dream home you can come back to, a dream job that promises a future. Everybody dreams of getting it, but are we? Are we living our dream life?

Just recently, I went out with a friend of mine for a drink. He was telling me that he’s in the process of moving out of Malaysia to work in Dublin, Ireland. When I heard about it, I’m so happy for him that finally he gets to move out of Malaysia and work there. I dreamed of working overseas as well, but I’m not as lucky as he is. I’ve not given up my dreams working overseas. I think it’s totally a new experience for me to work overseas. Besides that, we are not being well taken care of. Everything seems to be increasing but yet the salary has not been adjusted to the market level, how are we going to survive this constantly appreciating market where oneself value depreciate.

I’ve few friends already working in places like Kazakhstan, Dubai, Beijing, Australia & LA. And I’m still here like a typical Piscean dreaming of one fine day I’ll move out of here and work overseas. Those who have worked overseas keeps telling me how nice to work overseas and the way people do things are different from here. Keeping my finger cross to get a job overseas, but I do get, I’m going to miss my family and friends who I cherish a lot. But earning in other country currency is much better Malaysian Ringgit as you can’t even survive in your own country. Why stay?

Dream by day,
Dream by night,
Dreaming a way,
To kiss this place good bye.



weikhean said...

Dreaming is the first step to achieving big success. But don't just dream, take action. Few months ago i saw some adds about ID firms in KL hiring designers who might be stationed in Dubai. Why don't you give it a try? For me, working overseas is also a way of exploring the world. Life is too short to stay in one place. When we have the chance, go out and explore. Dreams can come true. Just set a goal and go for it!

Ken said...

No worries I've tried my luck and I'm still not giving up yet. That is one thing for sure. ;)

Verna said...

its good to have dreams...with dreams there's aspiration, there's goals, there's meaning in life. work towards your dreams and oneday they will become reality. "la vie say si bon", life is good, keep on dreaming my fren... ;)

Ken said...

Thanks for the affirmation, no worries I'm a Piscean I dream a lot. lol!

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