Fly, Pigeon Fly

Was actually passing by my house and I heard there were some commotion on the roof. As I look up, it’s actually pigeons. The pigeon was actually trying to push the young off the edge to learn how to fly. It’s just funny how they learned how to fly, by force. I wonder if the pigeon never push the young to learn how to fly will the young ever grew up not knowing how to fly? That answer we’ll leave it for the scientist to figure it out.

I guess we human too at time need a little force in order for things to move. After awhile we stay in complacency and bound to the environment, we’ll get lazy. No motivation to move forward. So I guess at time we have been force to do thing that we might not like but end the end we might just learn something out of it. It’s just funny how the pigeon teaches the young to fly and do we human uses the same way to teach our children? I guess we do, if have some children who are very stubborn in characters. It’s for their own good just like the pigeon did for the young.

So if you’re those who don’t like to be pushed around, learn to fly before you’re being force to. Be more self-initiative, people around you will thinks you’re helpful and caring. If you don’t learn how to fly, you’re going to fall flat on your face.



weikhean said...

I like this essay about being self-initiative. We shouldn't just sit and wait for things to happen. We should take the initiative to learn it. Very motivating writing... :)

Farha said...

Great motivaters, the lot of you! All I can add to this is easier said than done....

Ken said...

I agree with you Farha but something got to start some where. It's got to be you, yourself.

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