Tangible Sponge

I do believe everyone knows what is the major function a sponge can do? To absorb liquid as mush as possible till it’s totally full. So is a kids mind when they’re between the age from one to three, it’s a growing sponge that can absorb as many information possible. During this time, it’s the right time to teach them all the important things, from financial to bonding, respect, sharing and caring. There are so many values of life if I were to list them down.

I did come across this mother who actually gives some money to both her kids. The elder brother would be RM10 and the younger son would be RM5. She told her kids that are the only money she is giving them to be spent on buying the toy they liked. If anything exceed the given money, they would have to topped it up themselves or very simple to combine their money to buy something bigger and shared among both of them. I seriously think that this mother is really doing a good job here in educating her child on how the money are to be spent wisely and also the bonding between the two brothers to share among the both of them.

At this tender age, absorbing information it’s as easy as ABC as long as you put them in a simple application for them to understand. As we grow older it’s harder for us to absorb that much as we lost the elastic to absorb so much information. And the way we live our lives has been fix, a habit has develop. I regretted a I’ve not learn all these things when I was still young and I’m learning the hard way as I’m living through my live. Through readings and friends, but when you have the heart to change, it’s never too late. Self educate yourself whenever you have time, besides the wondrous box (I mentioned in earlier blog) that brought me so much information to my life, the fantastic pile of papers with letters also brought me a lot of knowledge I needed. I never stop sharing all the information I know with my friends. I wish they never have to go through what I’ve gone through to get this information. It is never an easy process. Learning process is never ending unless we put a full stop to it. Every brand new day is a learning day for me. Learning from television, book, people around and the things we see



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