Beautiful People

I actually came across an article last year stating that beautiful people do get what they want. Or get away with things easily. It’s actually a study done by some professor. But in real life do you actually think beautiful people do get an easier life than those who are not so beautiful? In the study, it did mention that beautiful people will get a job easier than those not so beautiful even though academically the not so beautiful people are higher than the beautiful ones. So where is the logic in it?

But I do believe that beautiful people do get away with things and do get what they want easily. Then what happens to the not so beautiful people, I guess they’ll have to work double extra hard to into the society. But yet I do believe that everybody is beautiful in their own ways and I always hear this in Chinese “There is no ugly people, but only lazy people” I guess it’s quite true. When one work so hard to get so brainy, why don’t you spend a little more extra time to look good as well. Isn’t that better than some ‘bimbo’? Look pretty but brainless.

But I guess with the technology nowadays becoming beautiful it’s just a door step away. As long as you have wealth, looking good is never a problems. But how many people are willing to go under the knife to be beautiful? But I guess to your surprise, the figure might just unimaginable, I might, if it is affordable. But again, good stuff doesn’t come cheap. Of course there is another painless to do it and that is Photoshop way. As I say technology nowadays can do almost anything to our looks.

So is there any part of your face or body that you’re not satisfied of? Just consult a doctor and get the best opinion and pay for it, then you’re beautiful. Again are you willing to go under the knife to look beautiful people? One thing for sure once you’re beautiful, your confidence boost as well, no doubt about it.



weikhean said...

Yes, i agree that beautiful people do have advantages over not-so-beautiful people. But as you said, "there is no ugly people, but only lazy people'. So true, but i guess some very intelligent people, just don't have any sense of grooming or dressing nice. Perhaps when they spend a lot of energy to be smart, there isn't much energy left to make themselves look good.

As for plastic surgery, that is a bit too extreme. To me, unless it's really really extremely ugly, there is no need to go through the operations. Perhaps for some people who had accident or illness that ruin their face, then perhaps it is necessary. Otherwise, I don't think it's necessary. As for boob jobs, hmm.. that's totally up to your own choice, ladies.

Ken said...

I think some minor surgery just to boost up your confident it's totally agreeable. I do know a few friends who do it. And after going under the knives it does looks better. But anything that is excessive is never good, then it looks fake.

If a minor surgery that can boost your confident extremely, then why not? Um... I'll definitely make myself grow taller.

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