Testicle-less Man

Ladies beware these so call testicle-less man out there. I’m pretty sure the word testicleless doesn’t exist in any dictionary but you know what it meant right? To put it crudely means a man without balls. It’s every ladies dream to have a man of their dreams, but at times they just freak out and when missing when things just doesn’t goes right.

I’m trying to relate it to a classic case that happen few months back to a friend of mine. She was madly in love with this man, where ever she goes and whatever she does it’s only for him. I guess love is blind, till today I still don’t know what strike her with that man. As the relationship grows, so is the silence. To my belief, in a relationship both need to have understanding, communications and most importantly compromising. My poor friend just mentions one wrong statement and there she goes, slowly slipping into the silence treatment process and soon enough she is out of his life. And the best part was that up until now the guy didn’t even say the word “our relationship is over and done with”. Is it that hard to say that word to reassure that the relationship it’s over. This kind of man I would label them as “testicleless” aka “no balls”. Even the relationship it’s over my friend has moved on. But in between the silence treatment, I can see how suffering she went through. Crying almost every night to sleep and wonder what happen in between and how to mend the relationship.

As a man I think responsibility is very important. How can someone look up to you when you’re so irresponsible? For whatever reason you want to end the relationship just say it. Whether you have found someone else, this is the comment case in any scenario. Or not meant for each other or give each other some time. Just say it out “we’re over”, “finito” simple as ABC, but yet there are these testicleless people exist. I rather this people be extinct then the Dodo bird.

So, guys please be a MAN and be responsible with all the things you do. Do it with no regrets. Silence don’t solve problems, silence creates misunderstanding. Be wise and I’m sure you’ve live long enough to discern what is right and wrong, what actions to be done. Don’t be the testicle-less man we all hate.



Phirence said...

He did tell her, "I think we only can be fren now...." You don know meh? Aiyo~~~~`

But only tell after your fren force him to give the answer ma... Your fern told me de~~~

Ken said...

Yeah we can only be friend but not telling the truth that he already got another girl seems unprofessional. We are all grown up, we'll face whatever comes our way. Not going behind your girl friend back after the girl friend's friend then telling your girl friend we can only be friend. But then after the break up he treats the girl and other friends like shit. "so professional" obviously no balls to face us.

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