Pregnant Man Again!!!!

I’m writing regarding this topic again it is because I had a slight argument with my friend that, he said man getting pregnant were old stuff, base on the post on June 27, 2008. So I do some searching and digging, I found a man called Lee Mingwei in US. He is a real man not like Thomas Beatie, formerly a woman. Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

After watching the video still I’m still not satisfied and I went to dig more about it and found a website “Pregnant Man: Real or Hoax?” In one paragraph it mentions “Curiously, the Web site has been up since 1999, and Mr. Lee is apparently still pregnant! Either the poor man has been in labor for nearly a decade (talk about a rough delivery!), or the story is a fake. Of course, Mr. Lee doesn't exist; the Web site is a hoax created as performance art by an artist named Virgil Wong.”

I did find another case was in India, Sanju Bhagat but this was a freak of nature. He is supposed to be twins and the mother only gave birth to one child and the other child is living inside Sanju Bhagat. So I don’t consider this case as pregnant. All we got to do is to wait and see how true are all these stories or it’s just another Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot stories, they come and go.



weikhean said...

Yes, I've read about the story of the pregnant mr Lee a few years back. And haven't heard about his 'baby' since then. I guess it's a hoax. But scientists are successful in cloning, what else can't they do? I think it's just the matter of time. Even if all the pregnant man stories are fake, one day it may become real.

Ken said...

I'm still quite skeptical, on man getting pregnant. Man just don't have the reproducing organ. In our human everything already in place, do you think we still can put more things into our body like the reproduction organ? Putting small things like silicon still alright. But a reproduction organ? We shall wait and see. I wonder how is Mr Lee doing with is 9 months overdue?

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