Human Adaptability

Human body is built with such complex details that made each and every single one of us is different. And yet humans’ body can be challenge to adapt themselves in almost every situation and environment.

For instant, people who dive into the sea without oxygen tank to collect pearls, after years of diving, their lungs are actually bigger than normal human being lungs. Our body is actually slowly molded to the environment as we push ourselves to the limits. And where exactly is the limit? I’ve no idea as well. Every individual has different limits but I’m pretty sure after a lot of practice limit is the sky.

I think a very simple way to explain it is by using bodybuilder as an example. They lift weights as their profession, need to build that muscles and make it grows. How? By lifting more heavier than the previous time. Your body will receive the signal and tell your muscle to grow more so that it is able to carry heavier stuff. It is the same for the people who dive into the sea to collect pearls.

What I mention here are more physical, our brain can even store more than what you can imagine. But I don’t think our brain can grow bigger but it’s true if a human being have bigger brain he/she is really smarter. Amphicoelias has a brain that is as big as an apple only but the body is so big, that makes him one of the dumbest dinosaurs. Make full use of yourself since we’re so adaptable.



Yumi said...

theory says we, human uses 10% of the brain only..but why we often think a lot and got headache..then wat happen to 90% of it????

still wondering..hav u ever wonder dat too??

Ken said...

Good question regarding the 90%. I shall seek more answer for that question. But my theory is the rest of the 90% are wasted on thinking unnecessary stuff, worrying about life.

Yumi said...

but dat thinking unnecessarily is in dat 10% or 90%??..we never know..

our life is soo much of why(s) and how(s)??

interesting life we have.

semangat do research la u...hahha..

weikhean said...

well, other living creature on earth also adapted to their living environment accordingly. For example, dolphin used to live on land. And now, they have fins and live in the ocean.

I guess human is just one of the animals on earth. We also evolve like animals do. If i'm not mistaken, that's Da Vinci's Theory of Evolution.

Ken said...

I wonder how we would evolve some more? Would we turn into something like what we see on X-Men? People have wings and so on and so forth. But is that call evolved or mutations? I wonder? I think I might just write something about it. lol

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