Recipe to a Happy Life

Is “sugar and spice and everything nice” the ultimate recipe to a happy life? One thing for sure that is the recipe to create the Power Puff Girls. But what about our Happy Life, what’s the ultimate recipe? Everyone’s life is different and the ingredient to a happy life isn’t always sugar and spice and everything nice. How often do we wish our lives are like fairy tales, always happy ever after. That would only happens in the movies, cartoons and story books but does that exist in the harsh reality world we are living in?

I guess everything comes with a cost, I believe to achieve this happy life definitely comes with a price as well. What would be the right and perfect ingredient to achieve a happy life? But the ingredient to a happy life of mine may not be the right ingredient for others. As we are very special individual that separates us a part from the rest of the people, the uniqueness we have that others may not have. So I believe everybody do have their own recipe to a happy life. But then again I guess the basic ingredient might just be the recipe to make Power Puff Girls, sugar and spice and everything nice, the base ingredient to a happy life. Everybody has their dream life, how they want their live to be. I’ve mine and I believe you have got yours too. Everybody’s perfect happy life would be different. I hope you found your “Recipe to a Happy Life”, while I’m still perfecting my ingredient.

Happy searching for the ultimate perfect ingredient and never gives up! Cause we deserve every part of it.



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