Life as Lecturer

I never once thought of being a lecturer in my whole life. And now I’m one, people always think that I might be a bad influence to the students. I do curse a lot especially when I’m driving and some occasional curse when I’m not really in a good mood. Besides that, I guess everybody thinks that I’m bitchy too. I don’t deny the fact but overall I’m just ok, as long as you don’t step on my invisible tail. Everything will be just fine.

I do believe in sharing knowledge with people, no point keeping them and bring it to the grave when you die. If there are people who are willing to learn, I’m definitely more than willing to teach and share my knowledge. You can actually see so many different types of students in the class and it really amazes me, besides shapes and sizes. Their mentality towards design are just like new born babies, constantly need to be pump with information into their systems. But yet there are so many different types of students, some of their processor are so slow and some are just meant for it. And some just need some guidance and their on their way.

At first I actually doubt myself whether I can make it as a lecturer or not? But ever since I’ve started, I kind of enjoy what I’m doing. And it just makes me happy when some students can really produce good work that you would never actually think off. And yet there some students still need quite a bit of polishing work to be done. But whatever it is, I think I’m obligated to teach and share my knowledge as lecturer responsibilities and I’m more than willing to do so. But it’s just at times I’ve to be someone else that is outside of my comfort zone.

I do wish all my students will come out to this harsh working world prepared. And I do believe some may not be back in the same field as what they studied. But whatever you’ve learn it is never put to waste.

Knowledge is power, Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. ~ Kofi Annan



weikhean said...

Been there, done that! Great life experience as a lecturer. You get to know different types of students/ people that you may never otherwise meet in life. It also makes us young when surrounded by young students. Sorry, I mean 'younger' cos we are still young... Anyway, I'm sure with your experience, you are a good guidance to the students.

Farha said...

I feel left out! You guys have both given/giving teaching a try. If i hac not been turned down by UiTM, I would probably have had the experience too...*sigh*!

Ken said...

No worries, you'll have your chance. As for my case it's just luck and thanks to my ex-colleague who intro to me. It's something different from working at yet the responsibility is great too. Yet enjoying.

weikhean said...

yeah, Fraha.... don't give up. Keep trying. One door closes, another door opens.

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