Soul Food

What is your understanding of “Soul Food”? Soul food was developed by enslaved Africans who lived under the difficult and impoverished conditions of grinding physical labor. But I’m definitely not talking about that kind of soul food but instead of the food we feed our inner soul that’s living in this capsule of flesh that forms our body.

I think it is important what do we feed this hungry soul of ours? If we feed it with the wrong food, we’ll feel down or at times depress or rage. All these bad and negative emotions will be created if we feed it with the wrong soul food. Be wise not to let it get into you. Always keep in control what you put into your soul. A happy soul gives you longevity. If you grief in your soul, it will slowly eating you up from the inside out. And you’ll start to do silly things hurting yourself and worst of all people around you will get hurt too be it mentally or physically.

Always bear in mind that you have the choice in your hands. You choose what you feed to your soul. Filter it; only select what is best only for your soul. Your soul is your life as well; it will never leave the capsule until the day you die. So treat your soul with the best food and live your life to the fullest.



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