Beauty and the Beast

Have you ever questioned yourself why this beautiful girl with this rich, ugly, short, fat, old and bolding uncle is together? Then you would give yourself an answer that probably it is father and daughter or she is after his money and he is after her for sex.

Whenever such couple passes by, the same old questions would pop-up. Can’t such relationship be real? Or simply because we couldn’t have a drop dead gorgeous girl friend like the rich, ugly, short, fat, old and bolding uncle have. You will start debating with your friends about their relationships. Why is she with him? What does she sees in him and so on and so forth.

At times we just wonder why? Why? Why? Is there true love in the relationship? Or the ugly filthy rich old man has a beautiful soul. There could be 101 questions you ask about their relationships. This is no fairy tales, not that the beast is going to transform into a handsome prince charming, no matter how the ugly filthy rich old man do plastic surgery it still can’t change every single part of himself to be the young handsome prince charming. If that is possible that won’t be real in his world. We’ll never know what the true story behind closed doors is. All we can only do is to create more stories behind the Beauty and the Beast.



wei said...

oh, and i don't think all the 'beasts' are rich... so that make us wonder more as of what the Beauty sees in the Beast, right?

Ken said...

Inner beauty? Yeah right!!! I guess inner beauty nowadays are not the selling point anymore. Money sells. But since you mention if the 'beast' has no money I just wonder? Probably the 'beast' family is rich.

ZeonZone said...


i dunno what's the reason people talks...
or why the beauty choose to be with the beast...

but this post makes me smile... like... :)

excuse me while i go for more smiling session.

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