Live To Eat or Eat To Live

I came across an article stating that foreign workers in our country are eating stray dogs and puppies to beat the rising cost of living, with the petrol price hike as much as almost 40%. For animal lover, they would actually hate these people who actually resolve to eating dog meat. But for the foreign workers it is for survival sake. We can’t really blame them for doing so as eating dogs are not illegal here in Malaysia.

But then again, consumption of dog meat is it safe? If the meats are not properly prepared and cooked we might end up with rabies, a viral disease. With this disease there might be another outbreak just like the SARS or Mad Cow disease. I’m sure we wouldn’t want any of these to happen as it’s going to bring the whole country into a panic stage.

I love dogs too much to actually eat them. And for those dog lovers, they don’t eat dog meat as well. But put it this way, if you are trap in a room with a dog in order for you to survive long enough for rescue team to rescue you, would you actually eat the dog? There are even cases that human eating human to survive, but of course he/she eats the other human who is dead. But would you do it for survival sake? I know eating dog meat is too cruel but I’m sure those people who commit the offence has no bad intention of doing it as they need to survive this constant rising economy crisis. Just put yourself in their shoes, you might just do the same.



weikhean said...

well, we are not brought up eating dogs. So, to us, it's cruel. But for some cultures, eating dog meat is just as normal as eating chicken. So, I don't blame them. Just like chinese eat frogs, if you tell a westerner that, they will be so shocked and think that we are so weird.

Ken said...

Yeah, and I believe Chinese practically eats everything as long as the back faces the sun. Only human don't so we are save. Some even eat rats and I'm sure most of us heard about it too.

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