Care Too Much

In life do you care too much for your family and friends? And it just hurts you inside when they don’t listen when you are trying to tell them something. I guess we just can’t do much as it is their life that they are living and we can’t do anything to stop them from living the life they want. Even though you know it is wrong. Everybody has been through life differently, through ups and downs and all the obstacle and reach where we are right now.

I’ve been through a lot and sometimes out of my genuine heart I don’t want my friends to go through what I’ve been through. But I guess people don’t listen to you until when they hit the ground themselves. Don’t you think that would be a little too late when the situation could be prevented? Somehow it’s always human nature not to listen to others, when people are giving advice. I was once like that, you just auto shut off the listening ear and walk away from the so call noise pollution to your ears. But when you really hit the ground hard, then you actually say it’s actually sweet music to your ears and why didn’t I listen carefully and heed the advice.

Sometimes it’s just so funny when you have so many things to share and yet nobody would really take you seriously. And when you get to serious to care for someone and you’re not being appreciated you will feel even more heart arching. I always keep telling myself not to care anymore and it is their life, they need to carve a path out for themselves. But I guess just a little advice to ease their journey wouldn’t hurt either but in the end I’m the one getting hurt. How ironic?



Yumi said...

this is another thing dat exactly wat im feeling and doin...
caring someone ..especially someone who is my ex..and yah..
he has his own path of life..
donnola..felt stupid too..caring so much for someone who is not worth it..

Ken said...

I guess it's very simply philosophy, we only want the best for our love ones and yet when they don't realise it, it just hurt us. That is all i can say. Now I've already learn to let them fly and hit whatever it's on their way since they want to learn it that way. So be it. Still of course it just makes me angry that he/she is not listening. But what can we do? Nothing :)

weikhean said...

I guess everyone has his/ her own ideas on how to live life. We can only give them advices. But perhaps we should also realize that whether they will do what have been told is out of our control. We care, we advise. When they won't listen, we get hurt. Kinda ironic, don't u think?

Yumi said...

let them go..same time we let ourselves too..hopefully..
well..just wish them luck..haha..sacarstic..

Ken said...

I guess it's just like what weikhean says it's out of our control and we can't play God. Just let nature take it's course.

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