Xena the Cutie

July 17, 2008, Wednesday


Petaling Jaya: As I just reached home and parked my car and I saw my dad @ the gate as he is about to bring our dog, Jojo out for a walk. And that is where he broke the news to me that Xena has moved on to the next life.

Xena is a cocker spaniel breed and was brought in from Thailand when my brother and his wife where staying there for work. And when they finally come back to Malaysia and worked, they brought Xena back as well. The first time I saw Xena was back in October ’06. She was a very active and obedient dog, she listens to the command you give and act to it.

Somehow recently Xena is not well and there was once I thought we would lose her as she was very ill and somehow she still manage to pull herself together for another few more days. The last time I held her was the day before she died and she was lying on the floor with her head resting on my lap. That was the last time I saw her and now she’s gone. I guess Xena is gone and left Jojo alone again and no one to bark at.

Going to miss Xena with her silky hair and her presence during the festive seasons.



weikhean said...

that's so sad... sorry to hear your lost... coincidently, I also lost my dog last month when I was in Bangkok for job interview. I was so sad as I the last word i spoke to him was 'good bye, and be nice, ok?' I miss him so much!!

Ken said...

Actually I miss my cat more, until today I'm still hoping when I wake up and go outside, she's there waiting for me. Just can't bare the thoughts of loving that kitten.

Emila Yusof said...

Sorry to hear about Xena. RIP, Xena.

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