Cruel Love

Once upon a time, this petit girl call May finally came out to work in this concrete jungle. After many years of working she finally found someone that she likes but he was attached. They became best of friends. One fine day she found out he broke off with his girlfriend and she thought finally the chance has come but then she would give some time for the guy to heal as he just broke off with the girlfriend. As she was comforting her, she brings a long her friend to go out together, the more the merrier but in the end he fell in love with her best friend.

That was history and she moved on with her life and move to another company. In there again she found someone she likes. They got very close and she thought she would express her love her him before it is too late like the previous case. And she did and got rejected miserably. And now she is confused, if she ever finds the one she love will she keep it to herself and be close friend to him and never be lover or just express her love for him and get rejected ended up not even friend.

Again she moved on to the next phase of her life not thinking about love. As she knows she has no luck in love and even fortune teller told her that in his vision he couldn’t see any love life. As she already accepted it know what she has gone through. But again who would want to be alone? And begin her search for love, of course it’s easy to fall in love with someone but it’s never an easy task for someone to fall in love with you, it takes two hands to clap.

But again history repeats by itself, as she has a lot of beautiful friends. Every time she would bring someone out that she likes ended up the person she likes would fall for her close friend and not her. She is in dilemma that one is her good friend and the other is the person she loved. Though her good friend says no and already has someone in her heart but yet the guy would actually already drop the idea of going after her but instead her good friend.

When would May find her love? Probably never, as she already given up on love as love has given up on her. I’ve no way of consulting her as time and again, things happen right before her eyes and by all means I’m no Dr. Love. All I can do is to wish her all the best.



Yumi said...

dat is wat i've been thru as may's situation. from young til now.

i do wan to give up too..but somehow i fall for someone too...

i always fall for the person who doesnt likes me a bit..but for my friend..

my situation and may's are similiar, almost the exact.

self esteem comes..bring us down..

i wish her gud luck too..

maybe time hasnt come yet..God has everyone for us. a special someone for us. maybe just not the time.
have faith..tell her dat.
i guess u did,..hahaha

Ken said...

One simple answer from her.

She have faith, but faith has left her.

ZeonZone said...

love if a four letter words for emotional blackmail. no?

Ken said...

Probably you can say that again, and I'm no Dr. L.O.V.E.

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