Curiosity Kills the Cat

It’s been 24 hours and miracle didn’t happen.

One peaceful night when I reached home after my outing with my friends, I heard a soft meow meow meow keep following me, wherever I go. At that moment I knew I can’t shake it off and have to bring the small little kitten back home. Since I’ve this beautiful yellow bin which have never been use, and put a towel inside n put the kitten there to sleep for the night so that she won’t run around and get lost.

Ever since then, we’ve been feeding this kitten as ours. As a kitten, she already very attached to us. Somehow she knows and recognizes us and never seems stop entertain us with her nonchalant character running around my garden and playing with out cats that we usually feed. Whenever I’m off somewhere, I keep thinking of the kitten, will she live long enough to have her own kittens and always worry that she might go missing or get killed.

I guess the phrase “Curiosity Kills the Cat” finally taking affect. She is no where to be found just like how she came, out of no where. I miss her, my Meow Meow has gone don’t know where, dead or alive nobody knows. Deep in my heart I wish she would appear when I wake up everyday or whenever I reach home she is sitting on the stair faithfully waiting for me and greet me by brushing he soft fir against my legs.

Hope she is fine and lived.



Yumi said...

oh..poor.gosh..she'll come back...cute little kitten

Ken said...

Deep in my heart I wish but I'll accept the fate. Really do miss little meow meow.

Emila Yusof said...

Cute! Omg, I think I have a drawing of a sleeping cat with green background, I'll put it up in my blog later.

Ken said...

Really! that is great. I still miss my cat and still hoping to see her when I walk to my door step. :(

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