The Oscar Goes To….

Have you ever come across great actors and actresses in your life? Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, George Clooney, Denzel Washington & etc. but I’m not talking about these kind of actors and actresses. What I’m talking about are those peers around you that are such great actors.

I do come across a few here and there at any point of my life. And they flock together in order to give you good show. I did once view the greatest show ever with a really good bunch of actors and actresses. At some part of your life ups and downs will hit you hard. Somehow it hit me hard when I was being the outcast not knowing what the hell is happening. And this is how the story goes.

I found out my “friends” were having some gather at one of their premises and I was not invited. Well since I’m the outcast, why should I be invited? So I played along and find out how good are these “friends” were. To my surprise, they were damn good and even the new recruit were good as well. I asked one of them what are they doing after work? Some say meeting friends, some say meeting relatives, totally fine with me. One was tell me she would actually goes to one of the shopping mall. So I make a date with my colleague to that shopping mall to act as well. So I called her up and say, “Hey, since I’m here why don’t we meet up?” To my surprise she said, “Oh, my friend changed the venue” not too bad. Accepted the excused, so I played along and started calling the rest of them. None of them answer their calls. Why? Because there were jolly having fun in and out of the pool. They did call me back after some hours and say they left the mobile phone in cars and in the handbag couldn’t here. They planned they story well, it’s just that I’ve already know the whole plot. If not I would have been fooled. By the next they, they still could pretend as nothing has happen.

This is what I called a bunch of Oscar nominees working together for a great show. I do believe some point in your life, you are either the viewer or the actors. But always remember, try to make your show as flawless as possible. Mend your show ASAP when things go wrong. Then you would probably the Oscar winner. If not you would end up to be in the worst actors list.



Yumi said...

omg...this is wat happened?? I mean..ur previous link to this..gosh..I'm sorry..Really don't know wat else to say..

Ken said...

Seriously I'm totally fine with it. This is life and it makes you see who your friends are. I did have the thought of going to the pool and see they've got to say, but what for? You already see the true identities of them. Then these are the friend you should let go and make new ones.

Ken said...

O by the way, with is experience, it makes you more caution who to make friends with you eyes open wide.

Yumi said...

I agree..this is life. life wid 'good' relationships wid friends.
it's like a typical high school thingy.
sometimes, with this, we don't even want to start a new friendship. it's like phobic towards this. a fear dat it might happen again.

Ken said...

This is life, history repeats by itself no matter what, probably in a different way. The only way we can deal with it is face it.

Each challenges that comes our way is to prepare us for a war ahead. Heed it and learn from it. These are life's experience that nobody can teach but to learn by oneself.

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