It's Verna Big Day!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

to a

Very Extraordinary Respectably ‘N Abreast


Though I’ve known you not that long, in actual fact not more than a year, but somehow, somewhere our lives intertwine and became best of friends. This is no coincidence but by fate. In just less than a year we have grown from stranger to buddies, keep each other accountable though we stay apart.

Such bonding of friends is hard to find,
And it’s never easy to come along.
I’m grateful somehow that we intertwine,
And hope our friendship will move beyond.

There is just a little gift from Phirence and I, hope you like it!

Though it is a little short notice, just woke, blotted but it’s a brand new day, a brand new start. Hope you like this little gift I prepare for you. We wish we were there to celebrate your birthday with you.

Wishing you best of health and find someone to share your abundance life with!!!!

Miss You!!!!



verna said...

Thank you both for blogging on my one has done this before..haha, really touched and happy. its funny how we become frens being world apart, but im glad we are frens...thks for the friendship guys, thks for the sweet memories on my bday...xoxo

Ken said...

Glad that you like. The video idea just came last minute and I think it would be fun since all three of us will be in different places on your birthday.

Besides that you can keep this birthday greetings forever unless the whole blog site retired.

You have created a record as my 1st birthday article on my blog :) lol

sebastiangan said...

feel so warm when I see da video

Phirence said...

Hehheee.. It's look nice and touched but i was so ugly in the video clip lo.... You guys know i can not sing... But jus for my lovely Jie....

Hugs, and Happy Birthday, Jie....

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