The Big NO

There are a lot of times when people approaches you, and you don’t know how to say NO! Is it saying NO that hard? You can say NO to stranger but why can’t you say NO to relatives and friends? Some classic case, they don’t even know how to say NO to stranger.

When you say the big NO, and the people don’t like it, it is really their problems as they don’t respect your decision to say NO. When I think if someone doesn’t respect me, why should I respect them instead either. At times by just saying NO saves you a lot of troubles. It may be hard at times but after awhile on exercising the word NO, it will just come naturally to say NO when you don’t feel like doing it.

When a stranger asks you for money, you can say NO. Simply because I don’t know him/her and I will not get back my money. When someone asked for your number, you can say NO. If you don’t want to be friends with that person, why give away your number, are you seeking for trouble? What came to your mind instantly is always the right answer to all the questions. When you doubt, that were trouble comes knocking on you door. Try to learn to stay NO!

Repeat after me N O = NO
Yes, very good!

Keep practicing till you perfected it.



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