King of Fruits

Just few hours ago my friend passed by the SS2 and saw the sign “D24 – 2 for RM10”. Most of us do have cravings for this king of fruits that would be our proud Durian. He called me up and said if his house mates would like to go and eat, we will go together and have this strongly aroma fruit, the Durian. I patiently waited for him to call as I’m rushing my own work as home. Finally my phone rang and less than five minutes I’m out of the house and on our way to the Durian stall in SS2.

We find a nice place to settle ourselves and select the durians we wanted. As the durian opened and placed on the table, without doubt our hands reaches for the soft tender flesh of the durian and put it into our mouth and let it slowly settle into our mouth and the aromas that lingers, total heaven. By the end of the session, the four of us only ate four durians, not much but it’s quite filling for us as we already had our dinner. Overall it’s quite satisfying for the price we’re giving for a D24 Durians. I guess I’ve already feed my cravings for durian for now, wait till the next season and see how.
And by the way, they have their website called the and I visited the website and it’s quite interesting how durian business have gone from a road side stall to online purchase. Times have change and so is the way we live our life. You can practically find almost anything online nowadays.



QuaChee said...

heya ive been eating durians this season lol. i wish the season is longer :)

Ken said...

buy more then store them in containers and put it in your fridge. Then you can have during for a longer period ;)

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