Sour Grapes

I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time - Mariah Carey

Was introduced to this video when I was attending a fashion function last week. I was early and this video keeps repeating. I guess in this video she really put the phrase "If you got it, flaunt it!" to the max. No doubt that she has a new killer body but to my surprise people would think it is fake. How funny when one would think it is faked when you couldn’t achieve it in such a short period of time.

I guess with determination anything is possible. Why should it be faked when it is achievable? Just because you can achieve it doesn’t mean it’s fake. Some would say it’s digitally touched up, would even would say actually the dolphin is Mariah. How funny!? I guess it’s too human to critic someone just simply when he/she can’t achieve it. There is a Chinese say that goes “When one couldn’t reach for the grapes, says the grapes are sour” I guess it’s quite true, I’m not denying as at times I’m no difference with those who complain about things I couldn’t get. Just simply because I’m human.

Anyway just enjoy the video.



Anonymous said...

not the best vid, but i loooooove the song

Ken said...

At least this vid is better than Bye Bye vid. I love this song too and didn't know she's releasing this as her next single.

ZeonZone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZeonZone said...

HEHE... I have to agree with Ken... Bye Bye is such and nice song a the video is like... s-tuuttt ok... Herm I think she choose this over ballads because it's summer now... I hope the next single is Stay In Love or Love Story. :D

weikhean said...

Oh by the way, it's a good MV... it reminds me of her earlier days.. just plain old good feeling songs and videos. :)

Ken said...

It actually do reminds me of the "Dreamlover" mv, the care free video. But my fav song of hers still "breakdown"

ZeonZone said...

break breakdown... 'stead of breaking me u breakdown... hehehe. yeap... and awesome vid too. ;)

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