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In Malaysia we have great law enforcer to keep our street from drunkard and people who breaks the law. And I guess I use to be one of them too, the law breaker. I drive without putting on my safety belt as I find it irritating and besides that I find a lot Malaysian chatting on the phone without their hands free too and I’m one of them too.

After being caught so many times and paying the tickets I’m almost broke and start using my hands free occasionally to reduce paying tickets and of course putting on my safety belt too. But have you actually realize that our law enforcer too doesn’t put on their safety belt and ticket us for not putting on our safety belt, how ironic? I’ve been trying very hard to take pictures of our law enforcer pictures when they are driving. Trust me, next time when you’re on the road whether you are driving or you are the passenger. Take a closer look at our law enforcer, they don’t put on their safety belt! And yet they ticket us for not putting our safety belt.

So is this called misused of their authorities? If we as commoner who breaks the law for not putting our safety belt. What about the ‘law enforcer’ who enforces the law and breaks the law? Shouldn’t they be punished even more?



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