With the title alone I’m sure you would know what I would like to talk about. It seems like there are so many interpretation to just one sentence. Some people would misinterpret it and by the way who is right and who is wrong we wouldn’t know. It is really depend on how we view and interpret it.

Books we read, movie we see, and some people have their conclusion, where of course some are debatable on how the story goes and end. For instant, world no.1 seller the ‘Bible’ was written thousand of years ago and most of the things inside are debatable and how you interpret it. And I guess some people didn’t read between the lines to get a full picture of what it is intended for. Especially when religion is involved, a lot of limitation has been placed on oneself. But if you were to read clearly between the lines and it is all minds over matters.

Food offered to idols and Christian can’t eat them. Silly! In 1 Cor. 8:1-13 it clearly state that you can eat and your God is Almighty and as long as you are not a stumbling block to other Christian and pray before you eat them. And when people offer you take it, also clearly mentioned. I don’t see why Christian can’t eat foods that are offered to idols. Totally silly!

Yoga, some say the postures are like praying and some saying the meditation are spiritual stuff. Yes, no doubt about it, but again all depends on how you want to see it. Put it into Christian thinking and nothing is wrong? Why limit yourself when all these things are clear nothing to do with your religion and you make it complex when things are so simple. Harry Potter are not encouraged by the Christians, as Christians don’t believe in magic but when you watched the movie or read the books, you don’t indulge yourself in it. Then is it wrong? I wonder how you want to interpret the whole situation. The choice is in your hands, make the right thinking and not everything is wrong, when things are wrong is when you think it is wrong. Think out of the box for once.



weikhean said...

yes, i agreed that the choice in our hands. I guess there have been a lot of misunderstandings due to misinterpretations. When you think about the Bible, it was written 2000 years ago, in a different language. And when it was interpreted at into so many languages, there are bound to have some small errors here and there. Further more, things that were wrong in 2000 years ago, may not be wrong now due to our advancement in science and technology. So, always keep and open mind. Think before you make a decision.

Ken said...

It is funny how they follow the rules given in the bible but not all of them. They would view some are more important than the others. To me they are all the same. How could you say this is less important than the other.

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