SALES!!!! Time of the Year

It is our mid year sales time and somehow it started earlier in mid July. And to what I see it seems like Malaysians are doing pretty well shopping during the sales season. During this sales season have you actually bought more things then you should? I used to be like that last time, I shopped till I drop and by the end of the shopping season, I just wonder why did I buy it? It’s because it is cheap and it is on sales. I can see that Malaysians are quite wealthy in a time of crisis like this. Even last time during the recession, I still see people buying things. It never stopped and now seems like the crowd are even more.

Have you been spending more then you should? Do you ever think twice before you actually buy thing goods? But I guess when you wanted to buy it, no matter how many times you think over and over again, your mind will eventually set auto pilot mode to buy it. I guess when you set your mind to buy something no matter what you will still buy it.

Do you ever think first before you buy anything, whether the things are your needs or your wants? Please make sure you can tell the difference between the both of them. If not you are in deep trouble, spending even more than usual cause you can’t tell the difference between what you need and what you want. At times like this, please spend wisely buy only the things you need and not the things you want. I’m once a victim of shopaholic and still is and gradually changing myself. Wish me luck!!!



travelbug said...

Mmm...I wouldn't call myself an impulsive shopper but now that I am packing my things to move house...I wonder, "What on earth made me buy so many stuff!" OMG OMG OMG! Banyaknyer rubbish!

Ken said...

We need to keep ourselves constantly checked, see whether the things we have do we still use them in the next 3 years. If not just throw them away if not, will just get more and in the end you're living in a dumpster. lol!!! Happy moving :)

weikhean said...

I think shopping has become a way of life in the city. On weekends, when it's hot outside, first thing that came to my mind is to go to shopping mall. Most of the time, just window shopping and end up empty handed. But during SALES TIME, it's different story! I think I always wait and wait and wait until sales to 'sapu' what i can afford. I think that keeps the economy going... haha

Oh, by the way, don't just throw away unwanted stuffs. Donate them to charity... :)

Ken said...

I've already donated 3 full bags of clothings. Just recently they set a hut thingy where you can just dump all the things you want to give away, people will come and collect them from time to time.

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