Love Triangle

It’s about love again! I guess love is a never ending story. I remember once talking about this topic with a bunch of friends. How should I put it? Who would you go for, a person love himself/herself more than you or person who loves you more than himself/herself? But bear in mind that the guy/gal who loves you more may not have the ideal package you are looking for, in terms of look, height and age. So, would your selection be?

I love you,
You think otherwise,
You love him,
He has to think twice.

Love in a triangle,
Nothing is nice.
Everything is tangle,
So is our live.

I decide to stay out,
That you can be alive.
My world caved in,
And back to my lonely life.




Yumi said...

im back on commenting.
ur post ere relate to me now.
suddenly, i like dat person, and my friend whom i told bout it likes him too. and this is not the first time, hence, like u said, just stay out.

Ken said...

If that is the case, I know what I write you will sure to comment ;) Love is a never ending story.

Yumi said...

hahhaha..trying to catch my attention??> fades...

Ken said...

As you want the love to fade, the more it grows in you. Just go with the flow and eventually you forget about it.

Yumi said...

oh...sounds familiar...sounds like from The Secret. HEHEHE..
What you resist persists.

Ken said...

Hahaha then i guess i guess i can come out a new version. "Secret Love" lol

Yumi said...

HAHA..good good..then tell me when its out..Ill be the 1st..let me be the 1st to get it..or i go to ur hse and get it from u since so near...LOL..HAHAHHAHAHHAAHA

Ken said...

Talk as if I'm so famous la...I'm just a small time blogger like you compared to so many out there. :)

Yumi said... least other bloggers know u...haha..
can la..hehe

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