1000 Places To See Before You Die

Do you have a plan to see 1000 places before you die? One of my travel buddies told me about this book called 1000 Places To See Before You Die. There is lots of interesting places mention in the book and now of course they have an official website as well. I have not gone through the website so I can’t really elaborate more on it.

Some of the places mentioned are really interesting but whether it is affordable is another issue. I do have my own list of things to do and see before I die. So far, I’m lucky enough to get to travel a few places already, mostly in Asia continent because it is more affordable for the time being. Besides that I’m trying to travel at least once a year for an overseas holiday. Travel to a foreign land and experience their cultures and listen to their stories, these kind of experience and feeling money can’t buy. And every time I look back at the pictures taken while traveling, it does bring back some good memories and feeling while I am there.

Now there are a few things I would like to do and the coming years. To climb the Mount Kinabalu and to learn scuba diving and go to Sepadan Island before the carols die off. Next year I would like to go Angkor Watt, Cambodia and the year after that would be Japan in 2010. Seems like a bit greedy, trying to do so many things in such short period of time, I guess life is short. Try to do it while you are still able before it is too late. Of course everybody has different priorities in life, some would be just getting married and have a family, some would be trying to work very hard to have a better life.

What I’ve mentioned are just between this two years, of course there are more places I would like to go like Europe and United States. That would need more time to plan for it and more cash needed to save for these kinds of trip.



Yumi said...


i might be goin angkor wat end of this year..wanna joinn???

Ken said...

Don't think so, I'm going beijing for Christmas and countdown. Thanks for the offer.

weikhean said...

You MUST climb mt. kinabalu at least once! So many foreigners come to Sabah to climb it, as Malaysians, we should appreciate what our country has to offer. But of course, u have to train hard before your trip. It's tough, but worth it!!

Beijing for Xmas? interesting idea... make sure you bring loads of warm clothing or you will freeze your ass off!! haha! Hope to hear your stories from Beijing.

Yumi said...

ehehe..wah so nice..i wan go too..
wah..need training for mt kinabalu?..my brother went 2wice without training wor..and he dont exercise...
but yeah..i agree wid weikhean..proud and appreciate mt kinabalu..for me,only the mntn lar..hahaha..

Ken said...

Besides Mount Kinabalu, I wanted to go Sepadan Island as well. The best coral in the world before it dies of slowly by human pollution.

About Beijing, I heard from my friend that it snows as well, and now besides saving for travel need to spend a little for winter clothings as well.

Yumi said...

u mean sipadan ar?? the one in sabah?
go go shopping!!!! now still sales..go go go!!!

Ken said...

Not now, that I have planned for next year. Money don't grows on tree. :)

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