51th Independence Day; Merdeka

A friend actually showed me this TVC and I believe this was last year Petronas commercial for 50th Malaysia Independence Day. I've not watch TV for a long time and I find it very interesting and use it for my blog. And I wonder whether is Leo Burnett still holding the Petronas account, because they never fails the touched the heart of Malaysians with their Petronas Independence Day commercial.

Mix marriages are definitely common in Malaysia, my brother is married to an Indian, and so are my cousins. Talk about muhibbah.

Our friends come from all races, and I miss my two Indian girl friends Easwary and Devi from college, they though me how to speak Tamil and sing too. Besides that the Indian culture and food as well, not forgetting ‘Thosai Masala’ and ‘Chuttney’ I may have lost contact with them but the memories will always live. Of course not forgetting my ex-colleague Grace where we work and sit side by side, joke together and get in lectured by boss together too.

My good friend, Khusaimi, ex-colleague and once a business partner as well. Happily married with a bunch of kids, probably creating his own football team. Still in contact but we’re busy with out own life, we do meet up once a blue moon to catch up with each other. Still remember once his father in-law wanted to convert me to Muslim because I’m almost there in every occasion from ‘Aquiqah’ to ‘Raya’.

And not forgetting an ex-colleague Farha, who tough me my favorite dessert, Apple Crumble. We are still in contact either through phone or Facebook. Seems like Raya is coming, I wonder will I be invited or should I self invite myself in most occasion which I know she’s more then willing. And she knows I love ‘Rendang’ and ‘Serunding’ and I love eating with my hands with them, just makes me feel at home. Come to think of it, I miss all of them.

Out of the three TVC I like this the most. It does show the innocence in a child that race is racing, and not what race we are. We are all the same, Malaysians be it Malay, Chinese or Indian.



lekwei said...

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!

the commercial is funny. what is race? race car? hoho..

Ken said...

That is what I love that commercial the most, the innocence of a child.

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