What had happened to the eve descendant? Isn't “Eve” supposed to be lovely and gentle, but what I see nowadays was really a shock to me. It might be just a certain percentage of ladies are like this but still at times it just really spoil ones appetite and change your perception toward “Eve”.

This photo was taken when my friend and I were having lunch at Mc .Donald. She was actually sitting alone and she actually took of her shoes and put her legs on the chair opposite her. And she was wearing a long skirt. “Hello!” This is not your house, it is a public area. If a man where to sit like that and its rude somehow it is understandable but a woman? This is unacceptable. Why? Somehow woman is supposed to be gentle and sweet not what you see in the picture.

Boticelli painted Venus in a beautifully and gentle gesture, you don't see him painted Venus spreading her legs and stand. Even from the past, woman has been portrait as gentle being, but what has happen that the woman that has evolved to what you see nowadays? Totally nothing close to what you see and read from the past.



Wei Khean said...

agreed... women who don't care of their gesture or actions (especially in public places) are such a turn off! They can have equal rights, and be independent and still maintain a graceful appearance.

Ken said...

Yup. Just one incident I would like to relate is, I had an accident with a Mercedes and the lady got of the car and was talking nicely to me because it's my fault and I totally accept the blame. But on the other hand, the daughter was totally out of control and scolding and screaming. That just totally pull herself down a few notch. As a rich man's daughter I'm sure she would learn to me more elegant then to be a spoil brat. Totally a jaw dropping for me.

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