7th Month of Lunar Calendar

Time just flies and we have already moved into the seventh month of lunar calendar. To the Chinese it means, the hell’s gate has opened. And obviously the unwanted spiritual stuff has been released. Chinese believe during this month a lot of bad stuff would happen, older generations would advice the younger ones not to leave home when it is dark.

I personally don’t really be bothered by all these things but I do believe in the spiritual stuff that lingers around us. Just recently seems like a lot of road accidents that claims a number lives, some make it to the papers and some not. I’m a fast driver and it makes me more cautious while driving especially this month with the road accidents on the rise. Not to say whether I believe or not but at times believing something and safe you life and why not?

Since I’m into this topic, have anyone of you actually experienced in confronted by a ghost? I have, but it is nothing compared to what I heard from other people. For my case, was just this lady keep singing whole night long which only can be heard in the room I slept in. But I was dead tired and sleep like a pig. Mind share your experience encountering with the ghost, if any?



travelbug said...

R u sure it wasn't your neighbour trying to serenade you with a love song? Wkakakakakkak!

Ken said...

It's in Genting one of the hotel. And there is not KTV in hotel rooms ;)

Anonymous said...

wau.. Genting always gt ghost stories. ha.. i heard lots from there.

i wanna share a ghost story here. it was happened on my fren. my fren stay in kajang. he normally will ride his bike.

one day, his was study till late night in his fren house. so he plan to back home at 1am something.

on the way back, his found out tt road was dark, there is no light bulb was functioned. and saw somehing blinked on the road. my fren didnt k anything, just took his ride as usual.

suddenly!! he realized something wrong. he felt tt the bike was heavier. and felt something was sat on his motor bike. ok. his speed up and rush back to his home.

after the next day, he found tt gt some blood on his bike, he met accident on same day, and fell into sick.

so, belive it or nt?

LW. ^^

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