Great Retreat

~ Living looking out ~

Back in January 2006, my colleagues and I discover this place called Sekeping Serendah at Serendah, Rawang by Seksan Design. I would say it is a great retreat place as it has all the necessary facilities you needed like a kitchen that has a fridge, stove, microwave & electric kettle. Just around the corner you will find a swimming pool as well. Besides that, about 10minutes drive or half hours walk to the nearest waterfall. You can prepare your own food to be barbeque there as well. The care taker will start the fire for you when you wanted to do your barbequing. Since it’s a retreat, there is no TV, radio and internet connection for you information. Even mobile phone connections are quite limited in certain areas too. That is what I like about it, total relaxation away from the city.

~Kitchen Area~

~Open Balcony~

~Swimming Pool Area~

There is another place by Seksan Design called Seapark Brickhouse but it is not away from the city but around Seapark residential area. I’ve not been there even though it is just a few streets behind my house.

p/s planning a retreat? Count me in.



Yumi said...

i wan to go.!! to sekeping much is it?? rental or something? i guess its nice getaway place..hehehe...

i know the brickhouse...its nearer to my hse, 20/2..there..giler brickhouse..all couvered..cannot see inside..i wonder can enter and observe.

Ken said...

You need to know the price and more info just click on the link. It's all there. The price has increase compared to last time I went.

Eva said...

I've tried booking a room there numerous times but have not been able get a room... sigh.... sad sad... must try again soon! the pictures look great!

Yumi said...

WAT?? ok ok..i shall see...but the website..of those pics are beautiful.

Ken said...

Is it really that hard to book. I guess now lot of people know of that place. And the rate has increase as well compared to the last time I went. If you have a 4x4 wheel drive. It's good over there. Nice car...better not. That is my only advice.

Emila Yusof said...

This is one beautiful place! I would love to go there on fine day!

Ken said...

You should bring your family and friends there. It's really a nice place. I'm sure you would love it.

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