“8 Items and Below” Lane

“8 Items and Below” Do you know how to read?!?!?! To my surprise, there are still a lot people who are uneducated? There were so many times when I was queuing on this lane patiently to pay for the item I’m buying, but there are still some uneducated morons with more than 8 items queuing to pay at this lane, wasting our time who knows how to read simple instruction like “8 items and below” only. I’m sure pre-school kids would even understand how to read that sign.

I think those who know me well, know that I am a little out spoken and exercise my rights. So I actually asked the cashier right in front of the customer “Isn’t this lane for 8 items and below?” The cashier answered casually “Yeah, it is. Just that some of these people don’t know how to read and they are tired to keep telling them the same thing over and over again?

I wonder who is at fault here, the cashier or the customer. I think both are at fault here, the cashier should be stricter to actually ask the customer to queue at the right lane once they found out it is more than “8” items. And the customer should take responsibilities and learn to observant which lane they are suppose to be in. It is really frustrating to actually see people queuing at the wrong lane and wasting our time and pretend nothing just happen. This is just totally bad and how it actually reflects how Malaysians are? I guess they are holding on to the famous Malaysia motto, “Malaysia Boleh” (Malaysia Can). So to them, everything also can, can act stupid when you are at fault, can just cue at 8 items and below lane, when it is so obvious it is more and think everybody is stupid in fact he/she is the stupid one.

I am definitely going to send an email to the Jusco and see what exactly would they actually answer or do anything about it.
I totally think that everyone of you should exercise your rights. Don’t just sit there and do nothing, don’t let people walk you all over when you know they are at fault.



Emila Yusof said...

I've been in the situation many times and sometimes took the courage to tell them that it's a fst lane for limited items. Some of them smiling and said oops..while some mumbling while walking to the other cashiers. I guess sometime they don't look at the signboard. Some didn't also noticed that the counter is closed haha!

Ken said...

Sometimes I just wonder, where their eyes are located. When you tell them, they give you one kind of look. They're wrong and yet want to show face. Just ironic!

Yumi said...

yalor...dats y...all the lanes..FULL of more than 8 items and above

weikhean said...

Yeah!! Hate those people... perhaps they just act stupid and pretend, or choose not to see the sign. I think the cashier has the responsibility to tell the customer to go to the other counters. Just like when someone jump Q, it's also the cashier's job to tell the customer to wait for his/her turn. Abusing fast lanes is a form of jumping queue too, isn't it?

Ken, write to Jusco!! Fully support you!! :)

Ken said...

I found the jusco website and everytime I click on the contact us column the page just doesn't load. I wonder whether jusco already know I'm about to shoot so block me from entering the "contact us" column. I'll try to get it no matter what!

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