Dreams are images or motion picture that keeps playing while we are sleeping, particularly related to rapid eye movement (REM). Up to date nothing solid has been understood what are dreams is all about and the scientist who study of dreams are known as oneirology. I tried to study and so some research about dreams, it is just too hard for me to swallow. Our brains are just too complicated and all the scientific terms is killing me.

Usually I’m just too tired to dream when I’m sleeping and even if I do have dreams, I seriously can’t remember what my dreams were. It is just funny how it just slipped of my mind. I do remember I had dreams but the content was totally erased from my memory. At times it is only bits and pieces of it still can’t patch back to the full image. So most of the I would actually just erased it off and not waste much time on recalling back what I have dreamt because I think it is nothing significant.

Somehow I last night I had the weirdest dream, some of my friends where in it.
Before the dream starts I guess I was in the REM mode, images flashes by then suddenly it stopped and became motion picture. I was having great time with my friends and this particular friend I’ve not talked to him for awhile, somehow we have grown apart and became stranger. But in the dream we were very close. That was the happy moment of it, and then the turning point started.

I wanted to go to the washroom and I’ve no idea the switch were and finally I saw my friend, he showed me the way to the washroom and he went in first and I follow behind. Before I actually entered he pushed me out and closed the door behind him. He told me that people are doing some ritual in there. So we went out for a walk, from a distance we saw a family walking in the park and suddenly we saw a flock of dogs running towards the family and attacking them viciously. We were so scared that we try to climb on something high above the ground. Then I saw some of the kids were bitten by the dogs and tearing them apart. Suddenly I didn’t know where I find the guts to grab a chair and start running towards the dog to chase them away.

Before I reach the kids my phone rang and I was woken from the nightmare.
I still have no idea what the dream as all about? Is it because, I have been thinking about this friend lately and he appears most in my dream. Or it is telling me to do something about our friendship? Sometimes I just wish things didn’t go wrong and nothing would have happen. But I guess time and tide wait for no man, what is done is done. The only thing we can do is to courageously face it.



ZeonZone said...

last night i had a dream. My second sis, youngest sis, and me decided to go clubbing. But my second sis decided to put on something really hideous. *think Rosie Phua Chu Kang* So the whole time in my dream my youngest and me spent a very long time trying to coax her out of that outfit, without hurting her feelings. I woke up feeling extremely exhausted. hmph!

Ken said...

Just trying to coax your sis and makes you feel exhausted. Wow!!! I wonder what would other dreams has effect on you?

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