Alzheimer's Disease

It’s charity time!!! Just add this purple ribbon to your blog or website and will contribute $10 to the Alzheimer’s Association. It is as easy as ABC to do charity.

In honor of those who suffer from it.

For those of you who don’t really know what exactly Alzheimer’s is, just let me briefly explain it to you. In its most common form, it afflicts individuals over 65 years old, although a less prevalent early-onset form also exists. Alzheimer's is a degenerative and terminal disease for which there is no known cure. In the early stages, the most commonly recognised symptom is memory loss, such as the difficulty to remember recently learned facts. Earliest occurring symptoms are often mistaken as being noncritical age-related complaints, or forms of stress. As the disease advances, progressive symptoms include confusion, anger, mood swings, language breakdown, long-term memory loss, and the general withdrawal of the sufferer as his or her senses decline. Gradually, minor and major bodily functions are lost, leading ultimately to death.

With just a few clicks here n there and you’re already doing charity work and offers health information you needed.



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