Basic Instinct

When I first lay my eyes on this print ad, it just catches my eyes and I find it very good for a camera print ad. And it just reminded me of a story I once heard long time ago. And some of you might have heard this story as well before. I'm going to briefly tell the story.

The story is about this two animals, a pigeon and a scorpion. One find day, the scorpion reaches the river bank and wanted to cross over but he has no way of crossing it as the current was very strong. And he saw the pigeon near by and approaches the pigeon and asked for the pigeon's help to bring him over to the other side. The pigeon refused because he is afraid that the scorpion might just sting him. Then the scorpion promised the pigeon that he won't, as he has nothing to gain from it. Finally he managed to convinced the pigeon to fly him on his back across the river. Half way through the journey, the scorpion got scare as the pigeon fly higher and higher and stung the pigeon. The pigeon and the scorpion drown, both died.

The story is telling how one animal basic instinct reacts when something happens. So I find that this commercial was too real and with the right slogan "Auto Focus". I coudn't help but to find it funny and yet very true. That would be the male basic instinct to auto focus at the boobs, where the focal point is. You can't blame the man as this is their basic instinct.



ZeonZone said...

ahhahaa.. funny!

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