Man In The Mirror

Just recently I was at the premier for Mirror the horror movie. I’m not going to elaborate much about the movie as it is not that nice as I expected it to be. But anyway, have you ever questioned yourself that, who is the man in the mirror you see? Do you fully understand the man you see in the mirror? I know it is you that you see in the mirror but sometimes you just don’t understand what exactly you want in life, what you want to do with your life. In other words, you are lost.

I guess in our walks of life, at one point we will stop and ponder where should we go are we going to the right directions or are we lost? It is always good to look into the mirror to remind us that we should be grateful that we are still alive and well. Besides that everyone should look at its best and presentable at all times. Looking good does elevate ones confidence to present yourself in public. I’m not denying that I am vain that I tend to look at anything that has reflection. Keeping myself checked that I look good and presentable at all times. I don’t know about you people but I’m not denying it.

Beside that, do you like what you see in the mirror?
Everyone should be grateful with what they have but some are just not satisfied and happy with what they see in the mirror. But with technologies nowadays almost anything are possible. It is just whether you have the courage to go under the knives. Anyway such cosmetic surgeries are getting more common among Malaysians. To be frank, if I’m financially stable I would have done something about it. Would you do it if you have the cash?



Wei Khean said...

No, I wouldn't do anything to my appearance. Unless something really bad happens. (Hope not!) I think it takes courage to go under the knife... looking from tv reality show, it hurts a lot! And it takes weeks to recover after that. But I guess if it boost one's confidence, it's worth the pain.

Ken said...

But that reality only show right after everything is healed. But they never show you some of those that went wrong. Surgery after surgery and from bad to worst. There is one woman who came out to tell the truth about it. She was so upset and became worst then before she went for the surgery.

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