So far this would be the best movie Pixal has produced. The story line is great and how the whole thing was wrapped up, it was neatly done. The story line I would say is simple, but it does reflect how we lived our life. How Wall.E cultivate a character? Why humans have live in space?

I would say this story touches every issues of life aspect. From love to saving out planet, these would be the main point of the story. How humans has lost the love for one another, living only for themselves only. The lonely Wall.E has cultivated a character and emotions, just like human being. On the other hand, humans only depend on technologies and have become lazy and lost the human touch.

Every single part of the movie is information, even at the end of the movie where the credits goes to the crew are stories. If you are observant enough, the stories are told in a very special way. If you know your art well then you can actually tell the whole concept of the ending part, how the whole story is wrapped. Go and watch the movie and share your ideas on the ending part of the story, whether you are observant enough to interpret the ending part of the story.



Emila Yusof said...

MY son and I love this movie so much!

Ken said...

I loved it too. Did you realise the story telling at the end of the show? When all the wordings are rolling out, there are still story telling.

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