Self Destruction

Does one needs to be self destructive when a relationship turn sore? I just wonder why we need to take such steps. Isn’t any other way to get you out that situation besides self destruct? I’ve see so many case that people would actually slowly destroying themselves as the relationship gone bad.

Whether it’s your fault or the other person’s fault, self destruct is never a solution to anything gone bad. I totally think it is stupid if that is your only solution. Slowly leading your life into depression and getting yourself into unnecessary trouble are only the acts of a stupid person who don’t value their own life. Your parents have given you life to live and not to destroy it. Life is never sweet, but always bitter sweet. If your life is always sweet then I guess you still haven’t taste the real sweetness in life until you taste the bitter of life.

In everything we do, there are always ups and downs, that is how things the work.
That makes our life interesting and challenging. If we can’t even escape from such troubled times, I think it is really hard for you to survived in the harsh concrete jungle we lived in. Learn to be strong, learn to stand up when you fall, you can’t always depend on your family and friends. There can’t be there for you everything you fall or make a mistake. This are life’s lesson you learn and for yours to keep. The value of it? Priceless.



Yumi said...

Yah, some people just slowly destroying themselves. I agree what u said.


i love this article.. i also agree what u've said here.. =) thumbs up..


Ken said...

Thank you all for agreeing ;) I was once there and have realize it and moved on. I think everybody should think on the brighter side instead of dwelling in the problems and left to self destruction.

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