Condo Project @ Sierramas

Come to think of it I’ve not actually publish any of my work as an Interior Designer. I went through my computer files and realize that I've these pictures taken about a year ago in August '06. Now I'm making full use of them by publishing them here in my blog. I’ve been working for people and obviously most of the work I can’t simply publish here on my blog as it is copyrighted to the companies I’ve worked with. The one that you see here was actually a freelance job I did. Thanks to my friend and his wife for giving me the opportunity to design their lovely crib for them.

Doing any project is never an easy task, requirement from client are always top priority. Getting the design out and putting it into papers take weeks and sometimes long as changes need to be made if the client is not satisfied. But of course as a good designer, always convince your client that your ideas work unless proven otherwise. If your ideas and designs are good, let your drawings do the talking.

Anyway hope that you like what you see here. I do hope that I could update more pictures into my blog in the near future. And if you ever need an Interior Designer, don’t forget about me?! I’m here at your service.



Yumi said...

AH..this is the work u;ve been doing..for 2 weeks..WOW..not bad...

Ken said...

Nope. The work I've been working for 2 weeks is in Vietnam. Still haven't start on the ID works yet.

Yumi said...

o o o o...oh yah..Vietnam..forgotten..hehhe..pai seh

weikhean said...

looks nice and cozy :)

Ken said...

Thank you!!! If could have been much nicer if there is a budget for it. I'm sure you know what I meant. ;)

Emila Yusof said...

Very nice la Ken! Love your style! For other project, cannot ask permission to show for portfolio? I asked permission from the people who commissioned me, so far they are okay with it.

Ken said...

I still got 1 more, will post it later part when I have no idea what to post then I'll bring that up. Most of them I work on the decorations like what artwork to put, what follow arrangement to display. Will slowly put them up.

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