Clear Blue Sky

These few days the weather is so unpredictable, one minute all hot and sunny and the next minute it’s wet and rainy. I’ve been troubled with some choice that I need to make. It is a choice between a job I love and a job that brings prospect.

I Have been torn in between these two choices. I have accepted the offer of the job that brings prospect and I have not served my time for my lecturing. I have the responsibility to actually finish off at least this whole semester. Finally, I made my move to call the new company to tell them about my situation. Both of us give and take, I’ve to served my time to at least end of the year, by then if the position has not been taken. I’ll go back and fill the position. If not I’ll move on with my lecturing career.

After all is said and done, my burden was totally lifted and my feeling is like a clear blue sky. All the clouds of doubts and troubles have all cleared up for now. It is going to come back in November. I leave the options open for the time being. As I slowly fallen in love with lecturing life. It is not that bad after all. The only thing I miss from the working world is the challenges and knowledge learned everyday.



Emila Yusof said...

Good choice, ken!

Ken said...

Thank you! Always love to look at the sky. Capturing it and keep it fresh in pictures are the best choice. :)

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