Flower Arrangements

Thanks to my previous working environment, it makes me realize my other artistic side of me. All these while I love crafty work from glass painting and now, flower arrangement. I always see my mom do flower arrangement and of course you get to see them in hotel lobbies and counters as well.

There are almost unlimited ways for one to actually do their flower arrangement. It is almost the same as you do your painting, how the whole composition comes together with the use of the right vase, leafs and other flowers mixture. I’ve not gone through any training with the professionals and the only teachers I have are the internet and of course book stores. Whenever I’m out shopping, I’ll visit the book store while waiting for my friends to arrive.

What you see here is actually the Japanese way of flower arrangement called Ikebana. I’m not a pro in flower arrangement but the Ikebana do has a very distinct way of flower arrangement. The Ikebana has a distinct way of flower arrangement besides being artistic. The structure of a Ikebana is based on the scalene triangle delineated by three main points, usually twigs, considered in some schools to symbolize heaven, earth and man and in others sun, moon and earth. The container is also a key element of the composition, and various styles of pottery may be used in their construction.

Flowers arrangement does bring out an interior space if you know how and where to place them. As I always tell my students and interior space with design but without accessories it is just a plain design. Always visualize the room without all the accessories, what you see? Practically nothing much, is the accessories that live up the room.



Emila Yusof said...

Ken! the picture is not coming out!

Emila Yusof said...

ok ok i see oredi! wow great decoration! Your works are all stunning and marvelous!!!

Ken said...

What do you mean by not coming out? The twigs could hardly see right? I just using a lousy digital camera :( I'll try and see what I can do about it. Thx for the advice.

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