Sky 天空

As you can see these pictures here are all taken by me when I’m driving or stuck in the traffic. The sky is like a big canvas which has no end and the clouds are the ever changing image that makes everyday a different scene and special. The whole composition is so abstract and yet it is so beautiful. I may stuck in the traffic and yet it amazes me to look at the sky and eventually the thought of rushing home or stuck in the traffic are all gone.

In the busy cities we lived in the only beautiful scene I get to see is the ever changing sky. But of course you get to taste the wrath as well when the clouds turn grey and the rain starts to fall. That wouldn’t be a beautiful site and yet I’ve discover something unusual that when it rains at night and road is wet it actually reflect the street lights and creating a row of waterfalls as you move forward. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t grasp what I am trying to say here, but when I get the chance I will definitely take either a video or a picture to show you all.

Meantime try to visual what I’m trying to say when you have the chance to drive on a wet road at night with the street lamps along the road. Happy visualizing!!!



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