Food Fest: Section 14

10/09/2008 Wed: Finally I get to the Malay food stalls in the Ramadan month and wonder around to get my favorite food for dinner. I went to the Section 14 one and it is not as big as the one in Bangsar and the food choice are not that much as well. Was a bit disappointed when I was there, some how the Bangsar one I went last year has more choice that makes me so indecisive, don’t know which one to buy.

As usual there are stalls that sell Mutabak, Kuih, Bubur and etc. I went with two other friends and somehow they are not as keen as me to actually have the Malay food for dinner, so it did slightly sway my mood. I guess if you go with a bunch of people who are just as keen as you then it would be really fun and having crazy time buy all the food back to dine together.

I’ve not lost hope in searching for the best food around the Ramadan month and of course I need to find the right group of people to go and enjoy myself. And this is the month where I need to workout extra hard in order to burn off the food I consumed. As you see in the photo the food I had, and I actually forgotten to snap the photos of bubur and kuih I bought as well. I wonder which will be my next stop. Probably a hotel buffet?



Wei Khean said...

I'm so jealous!! Yeah, u need the right friends to share the fun of eating... otherwise, it's lonely to eat alone... Wish i can join you. Speaking of hotel buffet, i've tried Hotel Maya, it's good.

Ken said...

Really, I've yet to check out the PJ Hilton. Few years back they food was the best with all the Malay food from Northern all the way to South.


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