What is LOVE?!?!?

This time round I’m going to talk about everybody’s favorite topic, LOVE! Love can be selfless and yet Love is selfish. Love is such a strange thing where it takes no form and yet it exists in every one of us.

When it comes to love, it just creates a lot of mix emotions in oneself. Just recently, went for a movie called “Money Not Enough 2”. It is suppose to be a comedy but yet it shows me a valuable lesson. It just brings tears to most of us when the grand mother sacrifices her life for her grand child who treats her like trash. I would do the same if you know you are being kicked around like soccer. She is too upset and rather leaved her children who she once cared for to a better place, since she is such a burden to them.

The MV I have posted is again about love, I may not know Korean language but by looking at the MV you can tell what is happening. Again here Love can emit all kinds of emotions, from the two lovers and friends. Love involve in every aspect of life be in your work or personal life. As I mention in my earlier post before all the different type of Love.

Hope you enjoy the MV as I did.



Wei Khean said...

What is LOVE? Good question. Everyone wants it, but not everyone has it.

Ken said...

Or everybody wants it and yet don't want to give either :)

Yumi said...

omg..i start to like the beat of the song...its a nice song..korean always have the meaningful and sad MVs..shoot..I cried..at the end..
well, I think, when they have it(love), they tend to lose it without realizing.

What they want actually?GOSH

Ken said...

I guess the girl is trying to be selfless by not wanting the bf to get to hurt if she dies by doing so, and at the same time she's being selfish by not thinking what the bf would feel if she does that.

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