I took this picture while I was waiting for a friend of mine, then suddenly I saw this sentence behind a car windscreen, "Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated". I totally agree with the statement. Whether you are older than me or even younger than me, we are all the same. Even if you are older than me and yet you don't respect me, don't even bother that I'll will respect you either.

In our walks of life, we tend to meet all kinds of people, nice ones and occasionally some bad ones as well. Of course the bad ones don't stay long, as we tend to stay away from these people. But yet there are some who don't really see that they are the one giving problem. People have already started to give hints and yet his/her thoughts are still blinded.

Let's put it into simple words, when everyone treats you badly and you actually think they are not being good or kind to you and you moved on to another group of friends and yet the same thing happens. What comes to you mind first? You have problem, then you are on the road to recovery and you still can be saved. If one treated you badly then you can think it is probably his/her fault but when the whole group treats you badly, then it is obvious the problem is with you and not them.

It is obvious, how people treats you is because how you treat people. "You reap what you sew" it is a simple phrase from the bible and yet a Buddhist can understand such a phrase and why can't a common man.



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